What is winter olympics 2018. Winter Olympics Pyeongchang Problems - Alternate Cities for Winter Olympic Games

What is winter olympics 2018. Winter Olympic Games

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Winter Olympics Where, When, What to Know, TV Schedule | Time

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This will mark the first time in the last 30 years that the Winter Olympics will take place in South Korea, since Seoul held the Olympic Games in From Feb. The Winter Olympics opening ceremony will take place on Feb. The two-hour ceremony will feature a peace theme and include a cast of about 2, performers as well as the traditional parade of athletes, raising of the Olympic flag and lighting of the Olympic flame. Those attending in person will receive bags that include a raincoat, a lap blanket, knit caps, a seat cushion and hand and feet cushions. The opening ceremony venue will house 10 concession stands, mobile food stores and 16 rooms with wind breakers for those who need warm up.