Ten richest nigerian musician. Forbes Top 10 Richest Nigerian Musicians & Net Worth

Ten richest nigerian musician. Top 10 Richest Musicians in Nigeria & their Net worth (2019 List)

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Top 10 Richest Musicians in Nigeria & Net Worth (Forbes)

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Music is a fast selling talent in Nigeria and the net worth of top musicians in the country is a testament to that notion. Also, many of these celebrity musicians have mansions in the high brow parts of the country as well as several exotic cars. In this post, we will start from the 10th richest musician and we will gradually count down to the number one on the list. He is the brand ambassador for Flat tummy tea, a weight loss company, Bullet, an energy drink and MTN, one of the major telecoms companies in Nigeria. At that time, he was a young boy living in Enugu State.