Understanding a broken woman. Can a good man teach a broken woman how to trust and love again? – Shaughnessy Haynes

Understanding a broken woman. Can a good man teach a broken woman how to trust and love again?

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What Happens When You Try to Love Someone Who is Broken - The Good Men Project

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Being comfortable in your own skin can sometimes feel impossible especially for someone who is damaged. When your new love decides to start sharing their deepest thoughts and past with you, you need to understand how difficult it is. Not all girls will start off by telling you the truth about themselves. It may take some time for her to let you in, but you need to remember this when she does:. She just has some scars that may not be visible. Save the apologies, she just wants you to understand why she is the way she is. If you want to add to the damage that is already done, this is how you do it.