Tibetan nude. Nude photos of a Chinese woman in Tibet spark heated online debate - Tibet post International

Tibetan nude. Nude photos in Tibet get mixed reaction

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Naked Pictures in Tibet Cause Online Controvery | What's on Weibo

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They show a young woman posing for pictures around the remote Yamdrok Lake , one of three holy lakes in Tibet. Some of the pictures show the woman wearing very little clothing, while others show her wearing nothing at all. In the text of the original post, the photographer says that the model was visiting Tibet in the prime of her life, and wanted to leave behind some memories in this holy place. Many netizens agreed with her condemning the woman for disrespecting Tibetan culture and tarnishing a holy place with her naked bum. Local officials said that on the same day that the photos began to spread online, they received a public tip and arrested the photographer involved, putting him under detention for 10 days.