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Marvel carnage pics. Carnage (Marvel)/Gallery

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Carnage a.k.a Cletus Kasady | Marvel | Marvel, Marvel villains, Marvel comics art

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Cletus used his new powers to execute a killing spree so vicious that Spider-Man had to team up with Venom to stop him. Carnage and the part Maximum Carnage crossover he spawned dominated the Spider-Man titles of the early 90s. Carnage attacks viciously and indiscriminately, clawing and slashing in every direction. Deals damage to the target and damage to all other allies and enemies. Max Level - Carnage attacks viciously and indiscriminately, clawing and slashing in every direction. Alien Instincts - 0. Whenever a power is fired, Carnage creates 2 friendly strength 47 Attack tiles and 2 enemy strength 46 Attack tiles.