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Black skin images. Black Skin Stock Images

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Dark Skin Beauty Photography

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The above image is one of the shots taken during the shoot higher resolution version can be found in my portfolio and will serve as the basis for the remainder of this post. Lighting was a variation of the commonly used clamshell approach. While clamshell lighting typically involves a light source from above and one from below or a reflector below , or alternatively from side to side, here I used two Elinchrom strip lights in a V-shape from the bottom as opposed to just a single source as seen in the lighting diagram below. On the plus side it helps to accentuate skin texture, creates nice spectral highlights especially in dark skin models and produces a good deal of contrast. The downside is that it will also bring out any imperfections and requires a lot of fine tuning, as even small changes in direction can drastically alter the resulting light on your subject. Camera settings and gear were pretty standard for what you would typically use in beauty photography.