Biography of ayodele fayose. Ayo Fayose Biography – Profile, Age, Net Worth, Educational Background &Latest News – BioNetworth

Biography of ayodele fayose. Ayo Fayose Biography, Educational Background, Wife and Politics

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Ayo Fayose Biography – Profile, Age, Net Worth, Educational Background &Latest News – BioNetworth

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Fayose grew up in Oyo state but originally hails from Afao Ekiti in Irepodun local government area of Ekiti state. Fayose came to limelight when he became the second executive governor of Ekiti state on May 29, after defeating the then incubent governor, Niyi Adebayo. He was impeached in October but came back to contest in of which he was declared as the new governor of Ekiti state, being inaugurated on October 16,