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Amber Rose Revah of The Punisher fame wearing an opened red dress that shows her breasts as a guy teases her a bit causing her to bite his lower lip and hold onto it as they flip around before she climbs on top of him topless and slaps him all over and pins his arm behind his back until finally someone knocks and interrupts them. From Borgia. Amber Rose Revah having sex with a guy on her back and then showing the side of her left breast as he picks her up and has sex with her up against a wall before moving over to a table and having sex while on her back again. Amber Rose Revah pulling down a nightie with her breasts wrapped in a white bandage, showing cleavage as she sits on the edge of a bed and then stands up to walk toward a window. From The Punisher. Amber Rose Revah pushing a guy against a wall and making out with him as they undress, Amber Rose showing cleavage from a tightly-wrapped bandage over her breasts. We then see her riding the guy on a bed, her skirt hiked up to expose her butt while she has sex with him.