2016 olympics sexism. Yes, It's and Yes, the Olympics Are Still Sexist

2016 olympics sexism. Yes, It's 2016 and Yes, the Olympics Are Still Sexist

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Rio Olympics: Sexist Coverage of Women Athletes | Time

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The Philadelphia Daily News ran an article praising Gabby Douglas for rising above the unfair—and oftentimes racist—criticism surrounding her during the Olympics. The problem? The article included a photo of Simone Biles. Naturally, a lot of people noticed, leading editor Michael Days to apologize for the mistake. Confusing two of the greatest gymnasts in the world because they both happen to be black was a particularly outrageous gaffe, but coverage of the Rio Olympics has been full of such casual slips of racism and sexism. For every incident of casually sexist or racist coverage though, there has been an equally strong pushback, particularly from commentators on social media and from the athletes themselves.