2016 olympics security. Brazil reviews security measures ahead of Rio Olympics - BBC News

2016 olympics security. Brazil reviews security measures ahead of Rio Olympics

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Rio Olympics: Terrorism ISIS Security Concerns | Time

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Rio state has slashed budgets across the board, including that of the police. Some 85, police and soldiers — roughly twice the security contingent at the London Olympics — are to be deployed during the August games, which are expected to draw an estimated , to , foreigners to a city of 12 million people where armed muggings, stray bullets and turf wars between heavily armed drug gangs are routine. During the boom years, the state awarded billions in tax exemptions to companies ranging from industrial giants to small-scale jewelry dealers, nightclubs, restaurants and love hotels. The salaries of some state workers are being paid in installments and some retirees are now receiving their pensions months late. Gov Dornelles last week declared a state of financial disaster that paved the way for 2. The association papered buildings with appeals for donations: paper towels, paper clips, pens and even toilet paper.