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Zack Sharf. Settled firmly in her uninspired marriage and her day-to-day housewife routine, Carol slowly develops an unusual illness she believes is an allergic reaction to chemicals found in everyday consumer products. Moore first bares it all in some explicit sex scenes, but her nonchalant confidence and stylized glamour are a mere facade. Few actors can go to such wild extremes with the level of precision as Moore does. Questioning her devotion to her husband, who she initially married for his money but has since come to love just as he is on his deathbed, Linda is crushed by the weight of her own actions, mainly her years of infidelity. One scene, in which Linda has an emotional freakout at the pharmacy while trying to by some pills, is a hall-of-fame Moore moment, showing the intensity, confusion and hysteria that only the actress seems capable of executing with so much uninhibited control. Framed between her own tight curls and hiding behind gorgeous scarfs, coats and red lipstick, Moore embodies the look and feel of a s housewife wholeheartedly.