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Iron fist images. Iron Fist Stock Photos and Images

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How Can Iron Fist's Power Be Transferred? Exploring the Legacy of Danny Rand's Abilities - IGN

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This season saw Davos rise up and steal Danny Rand's mystical abilities, only to in turn lose that power to Colleen Wing. Exit Theatre Mode. Here's a quick breakdown of how Iron Fist's power works, why it can be transferred or stolen, and why Danny Rand is just the latest in a long line of heroes to wield that power. Like Tony Stark, Danny Rand has no innate superhuman abilities. Sure, he's a world-class martial artist who spent years honing his skills, but he only gained powers after absorbing the power of the dragon Shou-Lao into his body. His power comes from an external source, and that power can be stolen or altered given the right set of circumstances.