Golden retriever tattoo images. 40 Golden Retriever Tattoo Designs For Men - Dog Ink Ideas

Golden retriever tattoo images. The 20 Coolest Golden Retriever Tattoo Designs In The World

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40 Golden Retriever Tattoo Designs For Men - Dog Ink Ideas

Good natured, patient, and unfailingly loyal, the golden retriever is as appealing in attitude as it is in appearance. Frequently employed as disability dogs, golden retrievers truly earn their keep leading the blind, calming those who suffer from PTSD, and acting as search-and-rescue aids. Golden retrievers can be seen at the sides of law enforcement officers and children alike, so readily able and willing are they to switch from guardian to lovable goofball. Truly, the golden retriever highlights everything we look for in a cherished pet. A simple silhouette is just as dramatic as a full scale color rendering, and those who wish to honor a beloved retriever in their own family will often have the name inscribed around the image. As is often the case with the best kinds of pets, golden retrievers highlight qualities that are just as valuable in humans.