Std crabs pics. What Does Pubic Lice Look Like - Pictures of STDs - The STD Project

Std crabs pics. What Does Pubic Lice Look Like – Pictures of STDs

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Crabs STD (Pubic lice) detailed Pictures & Images

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Pubic lice, often referred to as "crabs," are small parasitic insects that attach themselves to human hairs and cause the skin to become itchy and irritated. These lice are different from head lice. Pubic lice will only infest parts of the body with thick, coarse hair. The infestation can affect people in all regions of the world, regardless of ethnicity, culture, and social status. Pubic lice can be transmitted in several ways. They cannot jump from person to person or be transmitted through animals. Once pubic lice are contracted and an insect is secured onto the body, adult lice lay their eggs, or "nits," on hair shafts near the skin.